The Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) has never held as special of place in my life as it does now. As a  college student on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma I rarely attended. The times many of their events were was when I was serving the youth ministry at my church. Needless to say it … More Sufficient

Titus 1:5-9

Paul, in this text is addressing Titus, his true son in the faith. He is givng reason for why he left him alone in Crete, he explains that it is to do exactly as he instructed Titus to do: “to appoint elders in every town”. That instruction is important. In many ways Paul is re-emphasizing … More Titus 1:5-9

To be honest

I have always hated the “tbh” status’ on facebook yet here I am wasting valuable reader’s time with one. Well let me start off saying that knowing your blogs are being read and distributed among family is great, but for the few times I thought I could possibly voice frustrations, the thoughts say I should … More To be honest