Cameroon- A country I knew very little about. Nestled in the West Central part of Africa, it is a country of social and political stability. In the summer of 2011 I was tasked with getting a friend connected with information on a mission trip, I did and then received an email myself. The message had a challenge: to begin to pray for the people of Cameroon, the missionaries there, and the missionaries God is preparing to go there. I gave them the information and left it at that.

As I began to go about the rest of my Summer I began to accept the challenge of praying for those the email asked. As time went on Summer turned to Fall and Fall to Winter. As the seasons changed my praying for the people of Cameroon did not. I frequently prayed for them and the people that don’t know Christ. We’re talking, haven’t even heard His name.

Praying for them allowed me to see their extreme need for Jesus. Even though they’re politically and economically more stable than most African countries, there is still lostness. Lostness that Jesus came to seek out and save. Then His mission became my calling.

One day as I was praying for the people, the missionaries, and the potential missionaries, God made a clear call by saying that I had been praying for a missionary that was me. He made it evident that He desired for me to do missions in Cameroon, Africa. I had no idea what that meant but began researching the people, climate, demographics, cost of travel, etc. It was crazy! I’ve since gone on many mission trips to Chicago, Alaska, New York, Ukraine, and Louisiana, but God has continued to lay Cameroon on my heart.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to go, or how I’ll get the funding but I’m in the planning process of a missionary journey to Cameroon for Summer of 2015. If you’d be interested in helping support spreading the Truth of the Gospel to Cameroon please contact me at

As God continues to reveal His plan in this trip, and the funding, I have bracelets for sale for $3 (you can find them HERE) that say on one side, “Cameroon” and on the other, “Psalm 33:12” which says, “Blessed is the nation who’s God is the Lord, the one whom He’s chosen as His inheritance.” ALL PROCEEDS GO TO FUNDING OF THE TRIP. 


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