About Me

My name is Sean William Corser, I’m 23 25 and the place I call home is Edmond, Oklahoma Louisville, Kentucky. I love doing anything adventurous and outdoors. I want to take up hunting and get my concealed carry soon. I get the opportunity to be called one of the King’s children. I was adopted when I was 9; not physically. I was adopted and made a son of God when I was young. I lived a simple teen life filled with sports (basketball, baseball, and football) and also girls. When I graduated High school, life as I knew it ceased to exist. Finally when I was 21 God used an unfortunate thing to get my attention. My life from that point would never be the same. . My journey has been interesting to say the least, but it’s just now getting good! I am privileged to share the hope and joy that is in the name of Jesus. I get to live life with a GODLY young woman (who also writes on acts16.com), a community of seminary students that are my brothers and sisters as well as fellow soldiers for the Gospel, and my family that has encouraged and shaped me to be the man I am today. Follow what’s going on in my life through this blog, it’s not always happy go lucky but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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