The Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) has never held as special of place in my life as it does now. As a  college student on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma I rarely attended. The times many of their events were was when I was serving the youth ministry at my church. Needless to say it never worked out.

Some of my best friends in college were, however, involved in the BCM. They were guys that were hilarious, fun to be around, mature men who could have deep conversations (most of the time), and most importantly they lived out their Christian convictions in a clear way. It was captivating. And they were who I surrounded myself with. That was my involvement with the BCM.

Since coming to Louisville God has opened a door for my wife (Annie) and I to serve at the University of Louisville BCM. It has been a crazy ride. In fact, today I am MC’ing the karaoke night. (College ministry is awesome BTW)

Before moving here I felt a strong conviction by the Lord that more than just coming for Southern we would come for the city, and that He would “give” it to us. I didn’t know much about Louisville, or the University for that matter.  To give you a glimpse into the status of student ministry in Kentucky here are some statistics put out by the Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC):

  • 5% Of students 12-24 years old in Kentucky profess to be an active Christian.

  • 60% Of church-going high school students will walk away from their faith in college.

Those two statistics alone should make you fall with your face before the Lord. 95% of students 12-24 yrs. are not professing Christians. Add on top of that the truth of scripture that reminds us that many who call on Christ are not saved.


So what are we doing?


At the BCM I get to join and champion the vision cast by the director, John Adams. John has a passion so clear for the Lord and a vision that is compelling. He cares for the students and for his leadership. These things make it easy to get behind. We are doing unconventional things. By “unconventional” I do not mean progressive. We teach the Word of God as that. We teach on sin and eternity. We teach on living the life God has designed humans to yearn for, that is, life with Him. We teach the foolishness of the cross as the only way.

This semester we are teaching on the “I am” statements found in the Gospel of John. After that we will conclude with a short series called, “because He is we are.” The BCM is about getting students connected to local churches. It’s about getting students connected in discipling relationships. It’s about seeing students transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No tricks. No gimmicks. We preach Christ. We know that the hearing of God’s word will cause students to believe. It is sufficient. Taste and see that the Lord is good.


In our local church Annie and I are seeking to disciple our students. To see them commit to loving the church, the Lord, and their neighbor. These things, we hope, will happen in our college small group session where we will seek to hold one another accountable, pray for one another, and read and apply God’s word as heard in our pastor’s preaching.  We are also striving to equip those in student and children’s ministry roles to be able to develop a strategy to reaching all of the 12-24 window.

What can you do?

  1. Visit and
  2. Pray for us and the work at the BCM and at Farmdale.
  3. Reach out by email: Let us know you’re praying for us, or thinking about the work we are doing.
  4. Get involved. Whether you’re in Kentucky and can serve at the BCM, or somewhere else, God has called us all as Christians to the work of ministry.


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