2016, A Year of Rejoicing

Leaving Oklahoma for a brand new adventure!

I suppose this is my “year in review” post. It is strange to think that a year ago today Sean and I moved our lives about 800 miles away from home — our families, our friends, our church, our mentors; all that was familiar and normal.

This week marks a lot of emotions. Emotions that continued throughout the year. In 2015, Jan. 15 was the day we left Oklahoma, and it was the first funeral of the year of a dear family friend. And to be honest, that was already one too many for me. Sorrow and grief, joy and celebrations, confusion and worry, prayer and petitioning, trusting in the Lord and clinging to His promises. That is how I will remember our 2015.

Celebrating our first anniversary with a trip to St. Louis.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the song “Blessed Assurance” in reference to my 2015 “story.” And I’ve realized that this song is my heart’s desire. Even if I want to forget all the awful parts of 2015, God wants to use them as part of my story for His glory.

But even more than that, I realize that my story should be so wrapped up in the story of Christ that no matter what I face, all I can do is praise Him. I can praise Him in the lowest of times, when I can’t understand how He will use it for anything good, because before I was born, He chose to reveal to me the Truth of His sacrifice, where He took on the full wrath of God in my place, so I might accept the free gift of salvation, not because of anything I have done or deserve, but out of His goodness and His love so that I would share His story with the world.


So, although I may not be able to talk to someone and recount all the specifics of what 2015 brought and took away, I can say that I can rejoice in my Savior even more because of 2015.

Luke 10:20…but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”


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