2015 at a glance pt. 2


April was a fun time, though much of it I cannot recall as I wish I could. One thing I do know is that these months (March-June) laid very much the groundwork for the blessings that Annie and I are encountering currently (now). As work in Event Media for me (Sean) began to become more and more encompassing of my talents. I got the opportunity to participate in some of the cool conferences that Southern puts on like Counsel the word conference which was a conference for parents on how to love and raise their children in the counsel of the Lord. Annie and I also got to experience a Louisville Bats (minor league baseball) game. We went dowtown, where the stadium is located, with the intentions of purchasing cheap tickets but as we stood in line a grandfather and his granddaughter approached us and offered us their two remaining tickets, and they were great too!11188286_10155497310855128_838163157001399502_n

In this exciting time, at the baseball game and the month leading up to it, Louisville had begun to feel more like home. We were able to go back to OKlahoma for a time after our semester concluded and when we returned to Louisville we both looked at each other, took this picture and said “we’re home”. 10155792_10155434519545128_8268352189396281693_n

April also allowed me to meet one of my ministry role models. I can’t say his name, because the event I worked “didn’t happen” but I will say that his character, unlike some whom you are able to watch from a far only to be let down in meeting them, was solidified as a humble leader in my mind and that has only been amplified in the other meetings that I have had with him.

In April I was thankful for blessings of Louisville becoming home in our hearts and minds, providential kindness in relationships and opportunities at Event Media, and the laying of a foundation of God’s continued faithfulness to us in Louisville, Kentucky.



10575144_10153428338691803_217705323181680022_oMay brought with it some extraordinary opportunities both for Annie and I. The first and most important was the blessing of our first wedding anniversary. Since we were on summer break we decided we would venture 3hrs. west to St. Louis to enjoy a baseball game and to rest in an amazing bed and breakfast just south of downtown St. Louis. Though we were both sick and unsure what we could participate in due to our health we purely enjoyed time together reflecting on our first year of marriage, even if that meant staying in and watching a movie.11245788_10155587343305128_7468896975780059085_n

Another rich opportunity was being asked to participate in a pastoral internship at Farmdale. In my time there the other intern and I began to meet with our staff and conducted phone calls to sure up our membership roles. Another opportunity I had was to put together our membership directory. It was a rich time of learning and practical ministry experience in the life of our local church.

Not only was May a learning experience it was a month of fulfilled prayer. Annie had been looking for a job since our move to Louisville and had not found anything. This time was most trying. She had interview after interview and was not offered anything. Doubt and uncertainty began to 10407889_10155556349320128_6358142705432954721_ncreep in and thanks be to God that He provided a job even though it was a part time position for her to be working in the schools store. Though she was thankful for work this was not what God had ultimately planned for her. All in all May was awesome! I wrote my first seminary research paper (got a 98%!), which was extremely trying but ultimately grew me in my understanding and yearning for the things of the Lord and God himself. Here is what my desk looked like during the first part of May.

I am thankful that those papers are done for this time, yet I know that they will return. Through writing God created in me a new desire for deep study of His Word and how He reveals himself. It also showed me that I have been fearfully and wonderfully made and have been given the capacities to marvel at and think through who God has revealed himself to be. Seminary, in May specifically, was a rich experience in my and Annie’s spiritual walk.


June 1 Annie began working in the communications office at Southern. After wokring for less than a week someone from the BGCO (Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma) let Southern know about Annie’s prior experiences in their (BGCO) communications. One thing led to another as God’s sovereign hand allowed Annie the opportunity to leave her job in the store at Southern to begin working in communications.

Our path was also taken to Phoenix Arizona to assist with a disciple now for the Church at Sun Valley. Though this seams like a trivial stop this was an 8 year promise coming to an amazing fulfillment. And here is how; in the summer of 2007 a few friends and I went and began some ground work for a church plant in the Phoenix suburb of Buckeye, started by a former youth pastor of ours. God has been good to the Church at Sun Valley as they have flourished to nearly 300 people in just 8 years. Getting to serve in ministry for a week was an incredible blessing to both myself and Annie.

11350451_10153430525656803_3118418133575778502_nJune also brought with it the first opportunities to preach at Farmdale. When I was first approached by the pastor about it he informed me that my topic would be the love of God as shown in J.I. Packers Knowing God. At this I happened to puff up at my assumed knowledge of the love of God as well as just the amazing topic of God’s love to be what I preached on. In the study of it however I was brought down in my weak understanding of God’s love, and I felt as one unable to touch the surface of the magnitude of God’s love.

For those who have preached before you know that this is precisely where the preacher must be to communicate the Word before the church. In the preparation and delivery of the sermon God was glorified and I was humbled. What a miraculous 6 months in beautiful Louisville Kentucky.

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