2015 at a glance pt. 1

So, if you haven’t noticed, blogging wasn’t able to be a priority for the Corser’s in 2015. Many things began to pull at Annie and I’s time. We’d like to say that this year will be different, and Lord willing it will be. Here is just a brief recap of 2015 from my (Sean’s) perspective:


In January Annie and I moved to Louisville Kentucky to attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue a formal theological education. In that move we left family, friends, and many other loved ones. Towards the end of January God had a sweet woman cross Annie’s path, she eventually invited us to her church, more on that later. In it all we can look back on this move as sovereignly orchestrated by God and an overwhelming outpouring of His faithfulness to us.


February was the beginning of our classes (Sean= NT Greek, Systematic Theology 1, and Practical Ministry. Annie= NT Greek, Systematic Theology 1, and Biblical Counseling.) at Southern. We began classes, got settled in to our new apartment, and tried to familiarize ourselves with the city and then joined our church (Farmdale Baptist in Louisville). Oh, did I mention Louisiville got 12″ of snow this month? It did, need not worry however, “Louisville rarely gets this much snow” is what the guy at the outdoor store told us as we purchased new snow gloves. At this point in our time Annie and I were both pursuing employment but with no positive prospects.


Classes continued to progress as did our familiarity with the city. We explored a lot when it wasn’t snowing. In February Louisville got a 12″ freak snow storm as it did again in March. In total we got 24″ of snow within two weeks! The good part about the snow was that there is a really big hill on campus so Annie and I decided to go sledding one evening. When we came back my beard was frozen and Annie was not particularly warm either. When we arrived back in our apartment we saw that the wind chill at the time was -12…woops! Luckilly we didn’t get sick. March was hard because we had so much snow, which meant snow days. In total we missed two weeks of classes. I was not faithful in my study of Greek during this time. In March I applied for a position in the Event Media department and was hired on p/t as a “Technician”. I didn’t know much but I would soon have to learn much.

Turning to April through June…



One thought on “2015 at a glance pt. 1

  1. In April you met a dashingly handsome renegade named Bennett and your life at event media was never the same!

    But seriously- this is a cool recap! Look forward to the other 9 months

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