I do not want your god.

elijahandfirefromheavenDeciding between gods is not a new concept. Throughout scripture we see the Old Testament prophets differentiating, to the peoples,  the false gods from the one true God- The God of creation. In those instances the  insufficiency of those gods to hear, speak, or feel became utterly apparent. In fact Isaiah would say that these gods are in fact not God’s at all.

This reality is shown on full display when Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal and their god (1 Kings 18). Elijah challenged them to call upon their god to set fire on the altar, then later asks if their god is sleeping. In the culmination of setting a clear distinction between the idols of Baal, for that is what they are as false gods, Elijah calls upon his God, to set fire to the same altar only with much power and great response. The altar, unlike when the prophets of Baal had summoned their own, the God of Elijah set the altar on fire, even after Elijah had poured water out on it.

The false gods are completely incapable of hearing, speaking, and feeling. This truth is on full display even in our modern era, when “truth” has now become known and human rationale is said to be at its pinnacle. The god of relative truth and human reasoning runs rampant, but at what cost?

Day after day we are inundated with the hypocrisy on the part of Planned Parenthood and the Pro-Choice movement, their stance? “Women deserve the choice to do what they want with their bodies.” That is how it began at least. This mantra has been the undertone for their movement. Until now.

As reports continue to be distributed, whether ethically retrieved or not, the fact remains the same; human babies are the cost of the Pro- choice movement. This fact is not new, for the truth has always been that over the decades of Roe v. Wade we have, as a nation, aborted (murdered) 55million children, nearly 1/6th of the nations population. They no longer can hide behind the statement of a woman’s right to choose. The veil has been removed and the utterly disgusting practices of selling human babies out for parts as if they are old worthless vehicles been brought to light.

The rebuttal from the institution, you may ask? For science. To help children in the future.

This sham is repulsive. As I viewed a receipt from a lab desiring baby parts, with utterly gruesome requests for maintaining the quality of these parts, I am stunned yet at the same time not surprised. The god of science, which has sought to completely nullify the God who created all things is now seeking to nullify His creation.

But I don’t want your God!

I don’t want your “higher rationale” that at the present time seems completely irrational. I don’t want the views that it stands for. I do not want your relative truth. I do not want your god if he is a god of sheer and utter brutality as is shone in the planned parenthood scandal.

The God I preach and proclaim is the God who dies for us, not the one who requires us to die for him. This god is no god at all, he is a false god, unable to hear, unable to talk, unable to feel, and unable to love. The God I worship is a personal and loving father, but He is also a God of wrath and justice. It is due His nature that we may worship Him with our lives. I am thankful today that Jesus Christ (God in flesh) died for me, not the other way around.

As abortion, sin, and brutality run rampant I am hopeful that Christ will receive glory in all things. Even this. For He is worthy. I don’t want your god of child dismemberment for the financial gain of few or the persuasion of a means for science. I want the God who gave His own son on the cross so that we might have everlasting life. For He is the one and only true God.

Do you know Him?

Do you want to know more about Him?

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