Love Dearly.

Since Friday’s ruling on Marriage Equality in the Supreme Court I have fought hard to not type something up hurriedly, or insensitively. It would have been easy to get wrapped up in the moment, let the emotions carry my little fingers to a land I would never forget, one with words of regret and surely seasoned with more hate than this writer would hope for. I do however believe that there are some important things we must consider as the outcome of this decision becomes more of a reality.

Jesus Is Lord.

Isaiah’s vision of the Lord seated at the right hand of God still remains accurate. Jesus Christ is king, and He is reigning today just as he was in the beginning. In that, I believe God continues to look on the rainbow and “remember the everlasting covenant between God and all the living creatures on earth.” Though the rainbow has been reused for a new agenda, God remains the same and remembers His covenant He made with His people.

This covenant came after the flood of Judgement in Genesis 6, where God brings rain over the whole face of the earth due to their wickedness. However, at the end of this deluge, He casts a bow in the clouds to be His reminder to never flood the earth again. No heart has reached a depth of which it cannot be redeemed, no soul has reached the limit of which it is unsalvageable. He is still Lord and His glory and renown will be displayed to the ends of the earth.

Jesus would eat meals with homosexuals.

In the New Testament we see a Jewish man (Jesus) take footsteps into the history books of Jewish culture. He blew all of their customs, rituals, and laws out of the water and made the scribes teaching look like preschool hour. It was this man who also, in between His preaching and dividing fish and bread to feed 5,000, had time to eat with local sinners-the ones none of the Pharisees or priests dared be seen with. He was in the business of doing things different; turning heads everywhere He went.

He had a dinner party with prostitutes and tax collectors even! He openly called Matthew from his tax-booth, and Zaccheus down from his tree, he was a man who didn’t fit the social norms, and when asked, he simply replied, it is the sick who need healing. He was not afraid to associate with the outcasts and downtrodden. He didn’t do this to cause a scene, no, history tells us he did so because He had compassion on them.

Compassion is one thing we are lacking in the church. We are very abrasive about someone else’s sin, yet very gentle about dealing with our own. Scripture speaks to that in many ways, but in my favorite opinion through the story of the plank and the speck. We must repent of our own sin. FIRST. A heart led by the flame of morality is quickly fading, but the heart set ablaze by Christ, and constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit will be renewed and not grow dim. 

Morality does not save, It never has and it never will. Only Jesus has, and he always will.

Do we have compassion for homosexual people?

Do we make fun of their situation by using vulgar language?

Do we openly seek opportunities to have them over for dinner, or games, or a movie?

Do we even care?

We should, because Jesus does. 

Jesus absorbed the wrath of Gomorrah.

In Genesis 19 we see that there was a town where sin ran rampant. A town where sexual immorality was out of control. In it we see God’s strict judgement coming down in the form of burning sulfur. This story is bleak, and all to telling of the wrath of God. Yet, tucked away at the very end it saws that in the moment God rained down sulfur, He remembered a man which gave redemption to a family.

I tell this story not to show how wicked homosexuality is, but rather, how loving Jesus Christ is. You see, this Jesus whom I believe in, if the bible is correct (and I believe that it is), has taken the penalty; the full capacity of God’s wrath on the cross. Sin does have a punishment; Isaiah says it separates, and Romans says it brings death. Sin is a severe problem, Man is the severe problem maker, Jesus is the severe problem taker. In other words, he took the sin of the world upon His perfect shoulders and drank the wrath of God up in one atoning swallow.

Standing in the direct path of God’s wrath, He stood, nailed to a tree and drank it to the dregs, perfectly fulfilling God’s wrath. 

His sacrifice on the cross came to no specific people, but to all. It is that Jesus who motivates me to stand in the face of the SCOTUS ruling and love dearly, because my savior has loved dearly.

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