Then Sings My Soul

Music has always played a large role in my life. The artist that conform notes into beautiful melodies have always captivated my attention. As a young boy my older brother proclaimed that I didn’t even listen to the words, and that may have been true. Actually, I know it was. There were a vast variety of artists on my iPod; from 50cent to Backstreet boys, NSYNC to switchfoot. I was in to just about any kind of music that had a good beat. Luckilly as I grew I began to understand that the words in songs are important and can shape our perception of reality. As this adaptation took place I began to enjoy contemporary worship music to the likes of Hillsong, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, etc.

Now as I look at my favorite songs that have been captivating my heart are old hymns reworked musically. Particularly the new CD Hymnody 3 by Frontline Church in Oklahoma City. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend Frontline but as an outsider looking in they do an incredible job in their proclamation of the Gospel.

This is the cover of Hymnody 3 and a link to purchasing it on iTunes will be provided here 


What makes this special is that it has amazing hymns of revitalized musically for this generation. Songs like “How deep the Father’s love for us” and “Come thou fount” as well as some newer ones. This album has been playing on my iPod since I bought it over a month ago and if you’re into hymns made new I would highly recommend it! Go check it out here. Enjoy worshiping the King through these wonderful hymns.

Be blessed.

One thought on “Then Sings My Soul

  1. I love what you said in this posting of Acts  I love the old songs too & I love the older songs that were before your time but I am enjoying the newer ones also.  Enjoy the day & be safe.  Love to both of you.  Margaret

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