More than meets the eye

Navigation has always been my thing. As a teen I remember having a map in the passenger seat as my dad drove our family to Disney World from Oklahoma. I would just look at the numbers on the highway that led to Orlando. Easy I thought, some what like an adult version of connect the dots. I guess God has given me the gift of navigation, at least as it pertains to commuting.

As many of you know Annie and I recently moved to Louisville Kentucky to study at Southern Seminary. With that came many roads, yet untraveled by us. With that came many decisions about the route to take. I will spare you the fascinating details and road changes that got us to Southern but I would like to explain the Providence of God within our move just within the last two months.

Saturday December 13th, 2014 I walked across the stage of Hamilton Fieldhouse on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma to receive my degree in interpersonal communication. It was an amazing day, but one that’s excitement was muted.

You may ask why, which is a valid question. Why would my excitement of graduating be muted?

First, let me say my college experience was not stellar. In fact, it was anything but. Stopping midway through, changing majors, flunking for the first time, these experiences were just a few of my many college experiences.   So I should have been exuberant about finally graduating. But I wasn’t. I couldn’t enjoy it. There was a fear that covered me like a shadow. One that very few many people knew about.

As grades were posted that weekend I received an insufficient grade in a class; essentially an F. It was a 1 hour credit class which was pass or fail, to which I had done the latter.

To receive an undergraduate degree you must complete 124 credit hours. Failing this class left me having completed 123/124 hours.

I quickly contacted graduation services as well as my advisor, sitting outside her office for a time slot to open up. When it did, she was extremely gracious and understanding of the situation and got me in contact with the chair of the department overseeing this 1 hr class.

Let me address your curiosity. You’re probably asking, why did his advisor go to that trouble? Good question!

I didn’t not feel as though my grade represented my effort in the class. From the onset there were complications that were unable to resolve. In other words, I was not at fault for this grade.

I then got in contact with the chair of the department and the next day I received an email from them and was immediately overwhelmed. They were unaware of the situation with the professor and apologized for the confusion and scare. THAT NEXT DAY MY GRADE WAS CHANGED TO SUFFICIENT. 

You may be asking, What’s the point?

That one class, that one grade was what stood between me and graduating. And the all sufficient one turned my insufficient into sufficient.


There is more than meets the eye. This is not just a diploma.

This is further affirmation of God’s providential hand in preparing the road for us to seminary. There were crazy roads to navigate, and none more complicated than the graduation process. I’m thankful that even while I think I’m the one holding the map, getting us to the desired destination, that God is still the one driving the ship. And, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


  1. Rest in God and His providential hand for your life
  2. Look for the ways in which God has provided for you sweet blessings and praise Him for them. 
  3. Trust Him when it seems as though the road is rocky and the wind gusting beyond belief. 
  4. Know that He is sovereign and Loves you. 

God bless,

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