2015 One Word: Invest

Have you ever heard of the One Word Challenge? Beginning in January of 2011, I chose the word “abandon” to express what I wanted out of 2011. In 2012 I chose light. As I desired to be the light, the more I recognized the darkness that surrounded me, and the more I was tempted and tried. God showed me that “light” also meant carrying His LIGHT burden (Matt 11:30) through transparency. In 2013 I chose the word engaged. It was a year filled with wedding planning, soaking up the fun of being engaged to my best friend and engaging in relationships. In 2014 I chose the word CHOOSE. Looking back, I did not write about why, but mainly I realized that each day was filled with choices that define me. One of the biggest challenges I faced was choosing to trust in God’s goodness over my fear of the unknown.

In 2014 I turned 21; got my first passport; graduated from college; married my best friend; moved away from home; started my first job; felt the call to attend seminary with my husband and left my first job, family, friends and all things comfortable behind; and I moved about 800 miles away from home. Lots of highs and lows characterized the past year.

For 2015 my word is INVEST. Invest 2015 - 2There are several areas I want to work on in my life over the course of this next year, but more importantly I want to invest where God has me in this season of life.

Brief explanation:

  • Marriage – I want to invest in Sean through encouragement, support and loving him more each day.
  • School – More than financially investing in my education, I want to soak up God’s Word and the teaching from some of the best professors at Southern.
  • Community – I want to develop deep, meaningful relationships with women around me.
  • Personally – I want to invest in my physical, emotional and mental health as I am on a new and uncertain adventure with Sean. I want to invest and grow my talents to glorify God and in doing so chase after my passions of learning, writing, teaching, sharing, discipling and even in music.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that I would remember the word God has given me for 2015, and that He would give me opportunities, desire and the strength to INVEST.

Pray for our marriage as we have recently moved (3 days ago), as we unpack and learn to rely on each other like never before. Our hope is that our marriage will grow sweeter in this season of life.

Pray for our finances. Neither Sean nor I have secured any employment yet. Pray that God would lead us where He wants us to work for His glory.

Pray for us to find a church home that feels like family, but that also provides opportunities for us to serve and reach outside our comfort zones.


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