The Decision: I have decided to follow Jesus


When I was called to ministry in 2007 I knew nothing of what that call would look like. In fact, I resisted pursuing that call until 2011. By God’s divine providence He allowed me to hear again His call on my life; He wasn’t done with me. When I began pursuing His call to ministry it was May of 2011. I walked into to my job, which I loved, and explained to my boss that I was called by God to pursue Full time ministry. Two-weeks later I had stepped out in faith to pursue His call on my life.

God clearly spoke to me in regard to trusting Him, He essentially said,

“trust me in all things, let me handle your ministry. I will lead you where you need to be and provide for you once you get there.”

That conversation has always been clear in my mind and guided my first few years in ministry, and will continue to for the duration. I have never asked for a position in ministry, submitted a resume without being asked, or asked for a raise and though that has been stressful and unnerving at times, God has continued to show Himself faithful in His promise to me.

When God brought me to Sooner Baptist Church in September of 2012 I would have never guessed that I, a 22-year-old would be a youth pastor getting the opportunity to labor along-side the Lord in building a student ministry. There have been times where I wanted to bow out, or flat-out quit, but the Lord’s call in bringing me here was always clear. Until that call was replaced I labored, cried, and never-ceased striving to put forth my all into this ministry.

There was a moment in my time at Sooner when The Lord set a specific passage within my heart (Deuteronomy 3:13-29), it’s of Moses and Joshua’s relationship at the end of the Exodus. The Lord instructed Moses to encourage and build up his second in command Joshua for the day Moses would not be in control. God then guided Moses to a mountain to survey all the surrounding area that were sworn to him and the Israelites, yet he did not enter it due to fear. He said to Moses that he could see what would happen as his people would inherit these regions, but He said to Moses that he would not be able to enter into it.

It got worse. Moses died on that mountain (Deut 34:5). But Joshua took over and great victories occurred under Joshua’s reign. That passage stuck out to me because I felt as though at that moment God was telling me that my labor was not going to be in vein, but that I would not get to celebrate the biggest victories within the ministry that I was placed over. It allows for me to develop a new leader, a Joshua type person to be able to lead once God called me somewhere else. Up until recently I didn’t know when that time would be; now I do.

January 8th, 2015

Last week (July 7) God made it clear that I am to follow His guidance and path for my life as I pursue a Master’s degree at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This pursuit requires a next step, which will be in January of 2015. As hard as it has been as I wrestled with this decision and sought the Lord’s counsel, I have peace in knowing that:

  1.  This is The Lord’s leading not my own.
    • It was affirmed through tears, prayer, and scripture.
    • It is not the path I want to take, It’s the one I am called to take. I love my church and the staff I serve with, it would be easier for me to stay.
  2. God and God Himself watches over His church.
    • Another view would be counter biblical, and certifiably untrue.
  3. He will finish the work He started through me in the student ministry at Sooner Baptist Church.  
    • We serve a God who is never done with us.
    • He is omnipresent and guides and directs the footsteps of man.

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