What did you expect?

Expectations are always being violated. Be it friends, family, or your neighbor, someone is always letting you down. Then comes the possibility that you don’t even know what to expect, or your expectations change like the direction of the Oklahoma wind.

As these expectations come and go, and change and adapt, let me ask you, “what did you expect”?

Earlier today the Supreme Court ruled it would not spend time on appeals for the ruling on same-sex-marriage (ssm). This decision opened up the state of Oklahoma to legalize ssm.

Arguments come from one side of the aisle while the other praises it as a changing of the times. But what did we expect? This competition within our society does nothing less than tear us apart. Every paradigm is set up to have a winner and a loser and so we grapple for as much victory as can be had.

This conclusion should not have come to a surprise to anyone. Neither should the praise, and neither should the arguments.

For me, I believe in laws created by the creator God, for our good. I believe that disobedience to these laws result in strict punishment. If I believe that, if I truly and unequivocally believe that, I would hope you would want me to tell you. Sure, you may think I’m crazy (and I may go overboard sometimes) but I’m reminded of my sin, and how it separates me from the God who loved me enough to send His son to die for me-and for you- if I believe in the laws, their creator, and His punishment for disobedience, it would be completely unloving to not say so.

I’m not going to beat anyone over the head with a King James Bible, nor will I make fun of you for your choices or sexual preferences. I will however, lovingly tell you: that in a society that says you can do what you want, and be who you want, without repercussions of justification, that it’s simply not true.

If I believe this, which I do with all my heart, what would you expect me to say?

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