God’s megaphone

I was given a giant red megaphone. Yes the electric kind. I was so excited. I’d never had anything that I could wield in my hand that would enable me to project my voice as loudly as I could possibly desire.

When I brought it home, however, my wife was not as excited about it as I was. She didn’t see the draw of such an item. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I think I sealed its fate when I found out it had a “siren” feature –word to the wise, DONT USE THIS FEATURE INSIDE WHEN YOUR WIFE IS HOME.

I loved it. She hated it. So I don’t use it. It sits on our kitchen table. Unused. Ineffective. It’s purpose not utilized. It’s kinda sad really. Such an instrument with such capabilities should be reaching its full potential. But it’s not.

This may not sound sad to you, and you may even be wondering why you’re reading a memoir of a red megaphone. This unused megaphone represents the mindset of many Christians. We have the capabilities, even the gifts to project the voice of the operator, yet sometimes we, like the megaphone, sit, unused, ineffective. What if we reached for, and sought out God’s purpose in our lives? What if we thought of, and allowed each one of our gifts to be used in the glorification of the one thing worth magnifying?

We are the chosen instruments for the communication of the Gospel, church. We have been given- if we’ve placed our faith in Christ- the Holy Spirit, which will speak, for us and through us. But even still we choose to sit and say nothing.

We have convictions, our hearts even stir as the spirit compels us to speak yet we do nothing. I don’t want to belabor the issue but it’s one that needs confrontation. It’s one that needs practice; consistently and constantly.

I don’t have the end all be all to prescribing how to fix this issue, but, I do believe that if these steps are passionately pursued by individuals filled by Holy Spirit to magnify the Gospel, we’ll be better off than we would be continuing to do nothing.

1. Be Urgent in our conviction.
Each and every second people are dying without Christ. Your co-workers your neighbors, your family, your friends. People in your community are dying without the hope that you have in Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Will you sit idly by, or will you allow God to speak through you? If you allow Him the ability to press the button and speak, and submit to just being His megaphone I think you’ll be amazed at what God will do in and through your obedience and submission to see lost souls come to faith in Jesus.

2. Be Authentic in our commitment.
Committing to submit to Christ’s authority and allow Him to speak through you can be scary, but it will be rewarding for His kingdom. The message of the Gospel is rooted in a love that was shown ultimately by Christ, God’s Son and God Himself, dying the most brutal of deaths to bring restoration and redemption to fallen humanity. This love cannot be disconnected from the messenger. We must love them as our own. Paul said he would wish himself accursed for his brothers; literally saying, “if it were possible, I’d go to hell so they would be saved.” I pray that I, and you, would be authentic in all aspects of life, but also in your love for the lost.

3. Be bold in our communication
In Acts 4 when the apostles were being imprisoned for speaking the Gospel they had to choose between keeping silent -as urged- or to remain true to the gospel to which they were called on which they stood. That choice can be difficult. That’s why they prayed, not for safety or freedom, but for boldness. Boldness so that whatever may come their way they would stay the course. And they did.

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