The problem is not the church, it is me

To the Church God established, loves, and sustains,

I owe you my utmost apology. When my heart is hurt I point my finger in unjust directions. It was and is wrong. The judgement was wrongfully cast. And I feel a new verdict is in order, and here is why:

1. If God sent His son to love the church and the people in it than I sure better be able to. The Church was never a perfect organism, if it were, Christ came for nothing. The Church is full of sinful people being made more like Jesus, and I’m one of them.

2. I cannot fix this problem. Many times I seek to “fix” things, I think it is hard wired into my DNA. This desire to fix things leads to many frustrations, mainly that I have this ability to “fix” everything. I don’t. The problems in the church aren’t behavioral, they aren’t even cultural, they are heart issues which I am insufficient of fixing. Only God can fix the hearts of the people in His church. And I believe He will.

3. The problem may be just a speck. When the story of the man with a plank in his eye comes up I immediately think of someone else, as if it could never be me. I feel as though in this instance (and maybe more) I am the man with the plank. I rush to cast judgements on others and condemn the Church God seeks to restore. Who am I to bypass my sin to call foul on another? I’m just as guilty, and just as forgiven. Not more, not less.

God has a plan in each of our churches as it fits into the Church. I pray that repentance would embody—my heart— our hearts, and that Christ’s love would fill us as we continue to be renewed into the image of our God.

Grace and peace.

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