Just Stop. Please!

As I spoke with a dear friend, who now seems more like a brother, we shared thoughts about church, politics, and Christians. We went on tangents about many things and came to many of the same conclusions as we shared this dialogue. It was an innocent conversation that quickly escalated and elevated itself to “big boy” status. Before we knew it, we’d talked for 3.5 hours—seriously.

One thing that he said, which hit me as interesting was his view of what he pronounced are “mystical Christians”. It is this presumption and projection of Christians being “perfect”. He said that there is no such thing as a Perfect Christian since Jesus, and he was right on.

Christian, if you have fought so hard to mask your problems, or band-aid them with religiosity then good job! You’ve forgot how Jesus came to sympathize with mankind in every way, even taking the form of a man—100% man, and 100% God. I think sometimes Christians forget their man-ness and ascribe themselves as fully God. They forget the humility that Christ came with.

Now this is not a blanket statement. Please don’t hear that. This is for the “plank n’ the eye” Christians, the ones eagerly waiting to cast the stone on the woman caught in adultery thinking they’ve done no wrong. That’s a false view of self, and a false understanding of God.

As we concluded our talk I remembered thinking something that’s been on my heart here lately; that often times, society and younger Christians don’t agree with the church because they—the church—are picking the wrong battles.

They fight for moralism more then Christ’s crucifixion. They fight against the very society they were called to impact. They are too busy fighting about worship music to actually reach out to their communities. They are too busy telling their preachers to do this, or say this that the words he speaks are obligated by a congregation more into the Old Covenant law than of the New covenant, once and for all atonement.

Why can’t we just stop? Stop the political agenda that will lead people away from Jesus more than to Him. STOP telling people tattoos are sinful, and start telling them that Christ came to set them Free!

Quit enslaving the sons and daughters of God with man-made rules, and maybe, just maybe, they will see the pure form of who Jesus really is.

That there was a man named Jesus who came two-thousand years ago and accepted the sinner, drunkard, and prostitute. That He befriended the tax-collector, homeless, and the blind, with no predisposition of them being anything but in need of healing; in need of Him. Society doesn’t need you, they don’t need me. They need Jesus! Only Jesus!

Are you clearly putting Him on display or have you cluttered His name with your own political leanings? Maybe it’s the infamous “to-do list” that you’re pitching with Jesus, albeit a false one. (Works can’t get you in and they can’t keep you out) Have you clouded up the perception of Jesus with personal preference?

When the Gospel of the one and only Jesus is hindered it is deadly, but when it is clearly and boldly proclaimed that no matter what you’ve done or are gonna do, that Jesus came for you! That He loves you completely! So much that He laid His life down for you on the cross, and that if you place your faith in Him all eternity will be spent with Him.

Don’t hinder the gospel by political leaning, or personal preference; religiosity, or anything else.

Grace and Peace,

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