Message to Ukraine

Ukraine Flag

“Please, Pray. I’m crying. He is invading Ukraine…” the text read.

I’d never read a message like this before, much less, felt the emotions of the one who sent it. I’ve been blessed, as an American, by having freedom since I’ve been alive. I’ve also been blessed by not having to worry of the fear of our borders being crossed by the “enemy”.

It was a chilly afternoon in Kiev as our plane landed. We had a mission team of five teens and two adults that would spend 10 days all over Ukraine working in orphanages. We were unprepared for what we encountered–spiritually, mentally, and emotionally– we couldn’t have been prepared for this.

Ukraine gained its independence from Russia in 1991–22 years from when we arrived. We’d never been in a place like that. Ever. Not only was it a young free nation, it was also a unsure nation. The Soviet Union flag still was flown in certain parts of town, and the further east you went, the fresher the remnants of their reign. From ex Soviet Union headquarters to buildings where the heads of the Soviet Military would meet for games– a club house if you will– Ukraine was new at being free.

A country marked by a reign of destruction, subdued by their leaders’ suppression, and now mired by an external dictators’ aggression. This country has been born out of adversity and been dragged back into it.


As Putin’s military forces begin to infiltrate the Northeastern region of Crimea, and the trust of Ukrainian politicians waver, I point your attention not to a man, politician, or president; nor dictator, warlord, or military. I point you to the great I am. The one who has foreseen all this and has worked it together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. The one who at His whisper spoke the whole earth into existence. The one whom at His word, the foundations of the earth tremble. The one whom the grave could not hold back, the one whom no man, military or politician can withstand, the one whose very hand cast the oceans and set the stars in their place. The one who is coming back for His people one day. The one they call Jesus! The one whom no man can stand against, the one who on the grand scheme of things makes Putin seem inferior to a child. The one who sees the hearts of men and judges righteously. The Lamb of God, that was slain for our iniquity. IMG_0711

So Ukraine,

In your unimaginable pain, sorrow and anguish, I pray you seek comfort in Jesus. Not a man. I pray you rest in His power and not tremble at Putin’s. I pray your hearts melt at the thought of a new nation; a holy nation, one that God has made where all who are in Christ are children of the King. I pray that as your country is crumbling around you that you seek refuge in the Kings arms. Know that your brothers and sisters all over the world, and most importantly that the omnipresent and omnipotent God, loves you.

 “Blessed is the nation who’s God is the Lord, the one He has chosen as His heritage” – Psalm 33:12

Grace and Peace,


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