Why do we blog?

This is why I blog.


I think many of our church members view blogging as pointless, and without an explanation you would be precisely correct. But after an effective explanation you would see that blogging not only keeps you (our church) in the loop of what God is doing in the hearts of the staff, it also allows any one else around the world to do the very same. 

“Around the world” you ask, yes, around the world. 

That’s the most exciting part of blogging. Sure, some of our members will never browse this blog, and thats ok because technology in the 21st century allows our reach to be far greater than just the walls of our church. It allows us to bring the Truth of the Gospel to the nations in seconds. 

Don’t believe me? Let me show you. 

We launched teachliveshare.me in the fall of 2013, approximately 5-6months ago. And in that time

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