“Winning” someone to Jesus

This saying, “win someone to Jesus” has been proclaimed by Christians over and over. Hopefully you don’t. I’ve always been perplexed at the theology behind minuscule sayings by investigating their validity and this one is on the chopping block today.

I did not view the Nye vs. Ham debate this evening, but I’m sure I will once time allows. That being said, I do not have knowledge of what occurred. What I do know is the way Christians approach evangelism. Some might call it winning an argument.

Apologists have begun to see the merit in winning the argument, and by that I mean a simple intellectual victory. But is this the goal for our effort? Is making someone look foolish all we’re hoping to accomplish?

I’m not saying that’s what happened tonight, it just allows for a context to be understood.

Winning sets up one person as greater and another as lesser. Though life does come with it’s various wins and losses, in the spiritual realm, we should all hope that everyone wins, i.e. go to heaven through a relationship with Jesus. If this is not our goal we need to evaluate our affiliation with our king. And yes, king would be King if I believed everyone to read this was in a relationship with the only True God, Jesus Christ, but I believe that not the case. I even hope not.

If all we’re interested in is winning an argument and not loving people we’ve lost the passion of our Savior. He didn’t count His equality with God as something to be shown, He humbled Himself, even lost arguments by keeping His mouth shut.

Christian, do you do that? Or do you feel the need to one up someone with your holiness?

When someone claims, “I just won _______________________ to Jesus” you should respond, “no you didn’t”. Because is that Jesus won that person to Jesus, maybe you were the mouth He used to accomplish it, but it was Him who won the fight for the rebellious heart of the masses. It was He who proclaimed victory over sin and death. And it is only by Him that a soul can be own to Him. He is all we need. His life is the proof. We are just His mouth. Make sure your heart matches your mouth. Love them and introduce them to Jesus, don’t try to win the game that’s already over.

Grace and Peace,

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