Galatians 4:8-31

For the last 6 weeks we have been studying over Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia. Each week taking them through Paul’s emotion and passion for the people there. The themes he used continue to repeat themselves, showing that they are important, not just to him, but to God. They are in fact essential in the life of a Christian.

This week we are embarking through verse 4:8-31 Where Paul highlights clearly the Freedom of the Christian. He begins saying that the Christian has been freed from the bankrupt passions that used to entangle them, and that if they have been freed once before they should not return to their old master. This, to me, makes it sound as though the Galatians were doing just that; going back to their old master. In fact, Paul says that within the first few verses.

The theme of resorting back to bondage is the main theme of this passage, and it leads me to this question: If Paul was dealing with it in the churches of Galatia, and we clearly see Christians today resorting back to their old ways, why do we do it? Is it alluring? Do we desire captivity? Do we feel as though God’s freedom that we receive in Christ is above us; that we don’t deserve it? What is it about sin that leads to backsliding in the christian?</p><p>So please comment your answers below. Saturday I will share my opinion as to why we see this too often. </p><p>   </p>

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