Reminded in the Chaos

It’s typical for my “worst” days to be the ones I feel most ready to write about. This day is no exception.

Today I am reminded of the sovereignty of God, that in His marvelous grace He has chosen an unholy people, brought us into a community to be His possession. He then came down (in Jesus) made us Holy and will one day come back for us, His bride (the church).

Today I am reminded that the gates of hell cannot stand against God’s church! I am reminded of His provision and protection. I am reminded that when my strength fails, His power is perfected. I’m reminded that people, myself included, are not perfect. I’m reminded that the hearts of man our broken and in need of constant washing of the Spirit of God. I’m reminded that standing in the gap of mankind’s insufficiencies is an all sufficient God. I’m reminded that even though I don’t always love people, that God always loves people and that He sent His son to show His love to people. I’m reminded of the impact God can have when I let go of the reigns and let Him drive the show. I’m reminded that it’s truly not about me. I’m reminded that a hardened heart is melted with the words of a compassionate prayer. I’m reminded of the people in my community that my heart should break for, yet it doesn’t. I’m reminded of my sin and shame. I’m reminded of my guilt. I’m reminded of myself. And then I’m reminded…

“It is finished”

God’s gift frees me, not only from the bondage of sin, but the bondage of myself. The bondage of work for accomplishment sake. It frees me to lay aside my burdens and to cling to the trail of His robe. It frees me to stop and stand in awe of the one who called me into His marvelous light. The one who bought me at the cost of His life. The one who was tested in every way yet never sinned. The one who loved me first and loved me best. The one who on a trumpets sound will be here for me.

I’m reminded of much today.

That, in the heartache You heard my whisper. The inner most depths of my heart longed for You, and You answered. I’m so thankful for being reminded of how awesome You are. Please keep reminding me. I don’t ever want to forget.

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