Going there vs. Being here pt. 1

In this series I hope to explain the difference between going there and being here. I want to highlight what is in God’s nature and also what He desires for our lives.

The phrases that Christians often say are, 1. “I’ll pray for you”, 2. “I’m here for you”. Each one is meant to be sincere, but honestly I think they’re an excuse. (Why don’t we pray for them then?)

The second is “I’m here for you”. What does this actually mean? I’m glad God didn’t respond to us in our sin with an insincere “I’m here for you”! He didn’t! He sent His son to us. He came to us.

The mission of Christ was to go there, not just say I’m here for you, He actually was. Be genuine in what you say. Actually go to those who are lost. Go to them because Christ came to us.

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