In the center of it all

Waking up this morning thinking of my fiance’ is always a great occurrence, one I will never grow tired of. But as I woke up early this morning I just thought about the steps in our relationship, past, present, and future. It was spurred by seeing a spectacular picture of Theta pond on the campus of Oklahoma State University, which is where Annie attends college. It was adorned with bright red Christmas lights and it was a magnificent sight. As I looked at it my first thought was, “wow, that would’ve been cool to propose to her there.” But as I thought that, I remembered how I proposed to the women of my dreams the one God has placed in my life.  

I proposed to her in the sanctuary of the church I serve at. There were red lights adorning the path she walked similar to those at OSU. I had a specific plan with each step of the proposal, steps that I may or may not have written about before, but if so I’m writing it again anyway.  

Annie and I first met in the walls of Edmond’s First Baptist Church as youngin’s. We were 3 years apart which caused us to never be in the same areas, or draw our attention to one another. As we got older that 3 year cavern seemed to minimize to a 3 year dent. As we grew up we knew each other, or maybe more aptly, knew of each other. But one day on her birthday her Sr. year I decided to start a very suave conversation. (suave in my head at least) It began like this, “Happy birthday *high five*, only the coolest people share the same birthday” (Yes I gave her a high five. Don’t judge me, I was home schooled. And yes we share the same birthday) Now that was where our communication began but it was not where our relationship began, per say, it was more of the step that got us there. so remember that: The first step was in church.

The next step took place 3 months later and I didn’t even know it. In February my heart was broken by the death of my life long pastor and as we prepared to start our annual Heartland Bible conference my heart was extremely softened. I remember distinctly one night during the message just starting to tear up, and then loosing it during the music. I can’t remember precisely what God used to grip my heart but I know He did. So as I balled my eyes out at the altar there was a young woman who noticed my sensitive heart. This was step two: at the altar, in church. 

Now step three was one that started in the form of a brownie, now I know what you’re thinking, and yes you’re right. Brownies always cause good things! But it’s deeper than just a square of chocolatie goodness. A few weeks after the Heartland Bible conference I prayed that when God had a woman for me that she would make the first move.

I was later asked by her dad to come over and mow their yard early one morning, and as I finished up and got in my truck I saw a ziploc bag with something in it. It was a brownie. And on the bag read the note,  “have a great day! :)” This lead us to start talking more and I began to realize that this was not mere coincidence but rather divine orchestration.  

In mid April I got a text as I was working as a bank teller. It was Annie and she mentioned something about an arts festival and that she wanted to go but that she had no one to go with. I told her I didn’t want her to go alone and that maybe we could go together (later I found out that she was hoping for that. I’m a slow learner) On April 28 we went to the OKC Arts Festival. We walked, looked at art, got something to eat and then towards the end we sat down and made good on a promise. Earlier we had told each other we would share our testimonies, so we did. On the steps overlooking the pond we shared our testimonies. I went first and she followed. It was amazing! She wanted to do ministry in the form of conferences and bible studies, and I wanted to do Youth Ministry. It was a perfect match! No, a divinely orchestrated match. So another step: involved church ministry.  

 So as I thought I could have chosen a better place for a proposal I remembered that I had chosen the location that was central in our relationship, our lives, our families, and in our future. Church. So I had it perfectly planned out, the sanctuary was set, the surprise reception after, everything. And at the altar of the church I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes! But that’s not the end.

Church has been central in our lives and our relationship, and it will continue to be in our future. I can remember the moments shared in church as I patiently and passionately wait for May 17, 2014 as we continue our legacy of keeping church central. What a blessing from The LORD!Image 


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