Warriors stand out

This time of year the NBA playoffs dominate my tv at home, and as I watch I am reminded of all the things wrong in the NBA. Children idolize these players and for what? Their hair, athleticism, money, tattoos, fame?

They may idolize them for those things but with that comes the repercussion of idolizing something that is flawed. With each whistling of a foul comes the outpouring of “F” this and “F” that. It is absolutely ridiculous and it’s no wonder the college and High-school game of basketball is becoming the way it is. But that’s not my point.

In watching these millionaire basketball players, who have been gifted by God, display those gifts, there are some that do things the “right way”. Now that’s not to say that everyone else besides the players on this team are bad-I’m not saying that. And I’m also not saying that everyone on this team is good. But from the evidence shown tonight I can see something different in the Golden State Warriors. From the post game locker room where coach Jackson reprimanded Reggie Miller for just saying “s*^t” you can see a difference. (Coach Jackson told Reggie, “not in this locker room”.)

His words reminded me of the leader of the Israelites ,as they wandered, Joshua and how he told his people, “you can serve who you want but me and my house, we’ll serve The Lord”. That is what I thought. Nearly 5,000 years later and coach Jackson and the Warriors have claimed their locker room for Christ! The inside look ended with a prayer by Delmon Green (I believe) where he thanked God for what He has done, and will do, and he finished with “in Jesus name”.

You take that as you want, but that is different. Sure they’ll slip up. Maybe someone turns up in the headline news tomorrow, but I tell you what. That locker room is different.

God bless coach Jackson and the Warriors!


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