Protection from sin: Getting clean or getting bit?

Have you ever had the same type of dreams over and over? I have and it always makes me think, “why?” Last night was no different. I have had the same dream about 2-5 times. It’s me in the backyard just minding my own business and a snake enters the yard. I see it yet continue what I’m doing. It then slithers closer and closer until it has positioned itself within striking distance, then it bites. That is when I wake up. The dream is so vivid and it is the same every time. Well tonight was similar but not identical.
My dream last night was this: I drove my truck to a basketball game out in the country, when I got there I started to get out when I saw a large lizard (like a Komodo dragon) but also similar to a iguana. It was about 6-7 feet long and was incredibly fast. As I got out of my truck it seemed to know I was unprotected so it rushed at me. I hurried into my truck when I realized my window was rolled down. I didn’t think much of it but the lizard managed to get it’s head in the crack of my window. I began to roll it up as fast as I could and got it shut before it entered. After that I began the drive home because going to the game just wasn’t worth getting attacked by a killer lizard. When I arrived at my house I came in and told all my family what I had seen and they asked for details about the experience and one of them asked if the lizard had somehow hitched a ride on my truck, either in the bed or underneath. I shook that thought off but then I began to wonder. I walked out to check if by any chance it had come home with me and when I opened the door I saw the giant lizard walking down the street. I just happened to walk to the mailbox before it sensed that I was outside. It turned around and began running towards me. It ran as fast as lightning and I barely made it inside before it was able to get to me. Then I woke up.
So your asking, “why on earth is he writing about giant lizard dreams?” and your question is well warranted. As I drove home from class I asked God why my scariest dreams involve reptiles trying to, or attacking me, and He told me this as clear as day.
When Adam and Eve first sinned they were told what they had done and separated from God and exiled from the Garden of Eden. God explained that women would have physical consequences as would men. He concluded by saying what Satan’s punishment would be, that he would forever roam the earth on His belly, like a snake, or a reptile. (both Komodo dragons and Iguanas’ bellies touch the ground as the roam the earth)
In each of my dreams I relinquish my protection, in the first I continued my activity around the snake and end up being bitten, and in the second I got out of the protection of my truck and was ambushed. Both times I made the decision to get close to or be near the danger. Much like when we choose to sin.
You see, I have been dealing with a specific sin that I will be able to go into detail at a later date, and like with all sin I have been given the choice; to sin, or the not to sin-that is the question. And when I do sin I choose to get out of the protection of God and play with something that could bite me. So it’s not a snake or a Komodo dragon, it is sin that is trying to attack and keep me down. And honestly, it has been doing a good job. In Genesis God says that when we seek to do good sin is waiting to pounce on us, it sits at our door waiting to devour us. BUT WE HAVE TO STAY PROTECTED! We cannot play with sin because it can bite you, hurt you, take from you and even kill you. I am learning this too well lately. SIN ALWAYS COMES AT A PRICE
! So even when we think the consequences can be put off or run away from, they in fact cannot. IT


Not only did it cost Jesus His life to die for our sin, it costs us personally. So if you’re caught in sin, and maybe you feel like sin is waiting to devour you, or maybe you just can’t outrun the consequences. Can I tell you something? You’re right, you can’t outrun the consequences, but you can run your sin to the feet of Jesus. His justification and Grace is the only one that will cure your condition. I pray that God would give you the strength to confess you sin to Him, and that if it involves others you would be honest with them about your struggle. It is always better!

To Him be the Glory Forever, Amen!

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