I recently had the joy to get to go home to the church I was born and raised in. I say joy because it truly was; all the people I haven’t seen just brightened up my day. It is hard going back just as it was hard to leave. Going back is ever so sweet for so many reasons. I saw youth I have seen grow up from 10 years old to now 16!!! It is incredible! I love the people of FBC Edmond with all my heart, but I have been called somewhere else. Taking the leap of faith to go to FBC Moore was not an easy one but it was one I don’t regret taking.

I love the people of FBC Edmond with the deepest kind of love. Each time I return I am greeted with the love not of friends, but of family. It is a bond that will never die no matter how far I am from them.

I think that is the brilliance and splendor of God’s church. Not the address of the building but the people that make up His kingdom. That no matter where paths take His people, no matter what has happened He is still building a relationship between His people, making them into one body. That’s how I feel about the relationships I have with the wonderful members of FBC Edmond.

I want to say this as I go,

No matter where I am I think of you always. I am forever remembering the passion and love for which you have. Your passion and zeal should never fade. I pray that God continues to strengthen you both individually but also collectively as a church. I’m excited to see the things you do to impact God’s kingdom. Do not forget the sustainer of all that you do, Jesus Christ. For He came down from the right hand of God to take the form of a man, to live a sinless life, to pay the price for your and my sin and for that of the whole world. Do not forget Him. For apart from Him you, and your church can do nothing.

Sean, a slave of The Most High Go

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