Will you be my Valentine?

With Valentines being today it got me thinking; why do so many place this day in such high value? As I thought over this question I came to the conclusion that everyone longs for belonging, inclusion, and most importantly love. The sad thing about today is that for many this day is just a superficial rouse, a coating for their deepest need, and a disguise of their own brokenness.

Valentines is just another day to some, but very significant to the overwhelming majority. Yes, you will always have those who go against the grain just to do so, but there are also many who just see no point. I myself on the other hand see this day as a pointless display of western materialistic culture, one where if we don’t get anything we aren’t satisfied, but also seeing it as a reason to treat my amazing fiancé out on a rare weeknight as we are attending schools nearly an hour apart. All this said I do not place much weight in Valentines. I do not find meaning or purpose or self worth from the day, only the realization that I am loved by so many.

The cold hard facts about Valentines is that the day does not fix any problems in society. The need for belonging, inclusion, and love is normally never displayed much longer than a week after this day. The pressure to have a Valentine is immense with those not having one looked down upon as unwanted, unloved, unsocial. Well sometimes not having Valentine is better than having a superficial one.

One question I’m reminded of is “will you be my Valentine?”

The answer to that question says a lot about your relationship with the given person. Some people are left heartbroken at the responses while some are overwhelmed with glee and excitement. I was overjoyed when my fiancé Annie responded with a yes to that question. Her yes far overshadowed any other response I had ever received… All except one, and it was more who about who asked, and the way they did as well as my answer that continues to change my life.

One day as a little boy I remember asking my mom some questions, I was about 8 so they were innocent in nature. I asked her about God, heaven, and Jesus. She began to explain how it worked(as best she knew how at the time) but her explanation was enough. I realized for the first time that someone loved me so extravagantly, so tremendously, that no chocolates or roses could express this love. It could only be expressed by outstretched arms and nail pierced hands. You see on that cross not only did a perfect savior, God’s son Jesus, die on a cross, God also demonstrates His love for us, a sense of belonging that has no comparison; an inclusion that takes it to the point of adopting us as His own; a love that succeeds all others, one that is died to show.

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ died on a cross to mend a broken relationship, we messed it up so bad and were separated to eternal damnation in Hell. And on that cross Jesus asks a question that may still be waiting on an answer. “Will you be my Valentine”.

His love is perfect, never giving up, never wavering. He will never leave or forsake, He will never leave you on your own after the day. His love is one of eternal duration. One that cannot be revoked, nor taken away. It is the love that many seek on this Valentines day, unfortunately they seek it in fallible men and women when they should look for it in the infallible God. His is the only love, the only Valentine that will never disappoint .


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