Abortion vs. Gun violence statistics

As I watched the State of The Union address tonight I was struck by some of the statements made by our President about how our “most cherished resource is our children”, talking about the Sandy Hook massacre while turning a blind eye to the slayings of millions of innocent children each year due to abortion. It led me to do some research. Here are my findings.

Since 1977 there have been over 1.2 million babies aborted annually in the United States – according to The Alan Guttmacher Institute. That is 43,200,000 (very conservative number) American citizens in the last 36 years.

Now Gun related homicides have killed over 720,000 in the same time – according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Those homicides are of all ages and demographics. I dont want to estimate how many were children because my numbers would not do justice to facts.

That means that out of the 43,920,000 killed by both abortion and gun violence the total percentage of homicides by gun is 1.64% of the total between both abortions and gun related homicides.

These numbers won’t save any lives and they wont bring back any of those 43,920,000 that were either taken too soon by a gun wielding hand or by the medical practice of abortion. They won’t bring anyone back and they may not stop any future numbers, but, if we are going to claim that our most cherished resource is our children then the thing that has killed nearly 44 million babies over the last 36 years must come to an end. If we have the resources to stop it and the ability to do so we must, as a nation begin to start reclaiming that cherished resource.

The choice to abort was negated when the choice to do the only thing positively resulting in procreation was taken part. When you have sex you know that the possibility to have a child is there. The choice was made.

“The strength of a man is not in the ability to have a child, but in his ability to raise it.”

         -President Barack Obama


One thought on “Abortion vs. Gun violence statistics

  1. Sad, but true statistics. Going back to Roe v. Wade in 1973, the murder count is up to 55 million. I wrote an article shortly after the school tragedy and asked how the non-pro life society overlooks the reality that abortion kills 130 times the Sandy Hook number each day. 😦

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