Don’t steal from the Holy Spirit

As I grew up in church I came to know all the youth group lingo, things such as a “camp high”. If you grew up in church you probably know what I’m talking about, but if you didn’t I’m sure your mind has jumped the gun.

It was a saying that got used like plastic silverware during events – which both should be thrown away but that’s another story. “Camp high” means coming really close to Jesus at camp yet when you get back home nothing has changed. It was a momentary event that didn’t take root in your life, or else there would be evidence of it.

Often times growing up the “experiences” weren’t spiritual ones of the Holy Spirit moving, they were just manipulative events that sparked emotion. Now I’m not saying ALL events were like this, I’m sure many meetings with Christ were at events, but what I’m trying to say is Don’t manipulate an event to make it want you want.

We recently finished a weekend long disciple now which culminated with an awesome night tonight. Kids got saved and the Holy Spirit was definitely moving. It was so exciting and it’s no wonder pastors try to manipulate that same result over and over. The sad thing about it is that you begin to steal credit for the Holy Spirit’s work.

Creating an atmosphere may be helpful but that doesn’t bring a person to Christ in and of itself. Having slow background music as you pray may be helpful, but it doesn’t bring people to Jesus in and of itself. Saying all the right things is great, but it doesn’t bring anyone to Christ in and of itself.The only thing that can do that is a person and that is The Holy Spirit. You cannot replicate His presence you can only cultivate an environment ready for Him to consume it.

Maybe that’s why the camp high left, we stopped cultivating an environment ready for The Holy Spirit to enter in and it became forgotten.

So when all things tend to work out just the way you want, as they did for me tonight, it’s not you, or in this me, who did anything. It was The Holy Spirit being in the midst of us and showing Himself to the kids. No credit is mine, I’m just excited I got to be a part of it.


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