Wicked. What do you think of when you think of wicked?

Needless to say you probably aren’t thinking of yourself when you think wicked. We (as a society) have gradually drifted into a sugar coating of sin and deemed it addictive, a slip-up, mess up, stumbling block, weakness and many others, but at it’s root is the true cause. You can diagnose sin however you want to make you feel better but at the core of man lies an inherently wicked heart. One that desires to do evil, and even in it’s purest intention can only present worthlessness to a Holy God.

I have never thought of my actions as wicked, nor others. But in it’s most transparent form sin is wickedness. It sets out to disobey a Holy loving God by setting something up as more important; more Godly. An addiction to pornography is more than that, it is wickedness. A slip up of your tongue proclaims the true state of your heart; it is wicked. A mess up of lying to someone is deceitful and wicked.

We all have at some point or another committed wickedness to God, or others. There is no better way to diagnose our condition separated from God. It’s wicked. We are wicked. In this state we have no hope and no attempt of our own could change our condition of wickedness. The only thing that could possibly fix us was exactly the thing given.

He was the exact opposite of wicked, He was the divine picture of perfection. He was God and man, yet was perfect in all He did. But why would a Holy Perfect God come to take a wicked people out of their fixed state? The reason; Love…but better yet, GRACE. God in His perfection and Holiness chose to love us even in our wickedness to make us His children, even to the lengths of giving up His son for the payment of our sins. So that our wickedness -at our hearts core- was restored to a heart of purity and mirrored the heart of Christ.

For our wickedness does not surpass God’s grace. He chose to love us in our wickedness to have a relationship with us and to replace our wickedness with righteousness. He replaces our wickedness with righteousness as soon as we make Him our Lord.

Have you done that?

Please don’t dismiss this question.

Have you made Jesus the Lord of your life?

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