One direction

I have been around for some of the biggest fads; I have also been around to see some of those fads flame out. That is what a fad is, it’s here one day gone the next. I’ve seen Nsync to Backstreet boys, Christina Aguilera to Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus to Hillary Duff. The list could go on and on but the new ones are Justin Bieber and One direction.
I don’t want to pretend and think that Christians are exempt from the realm of pop culture, but I’d like to think their enthusiasm for a pop sensation would mirror that of their enthusiasm for Sunday morning, or seeing someone come to Jesus, or better yet, reading their Bible. It’s unimaginable to see so many Christian teens tweeting and face booking stats about these stars. They know birth dates, hometowns, birthmarks, it’s absolutely bonkers! I even saw someone so excited at the shot to be mentioned by them on social media that they would do “whatever it took.” Seriously?
We’re becoming so enamored by the glitz and glam of Hollywood that the blood and sweat of the cross is just a second act. We are becoming more fans of culture than followers of Jesus. We cling to a belief that popularity gets you wherever you want to go, but in reality it just leads to emptiness.
So in closing, let me just say that the headlines of celebrities and the glitz and glam that follows cannot be fulfilling. Even Hollywood’s own will admit to that. Their lifestyle of all show, make money, go party, and get laid is one that has consequences. Heavy ones in the eyes of a just and perfect Holy God.

There are two directions. One leads to death, eternal fire and torment, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
The other leads to peace, heavenly union with God the father, and an eternity of worshiping Him.
So with knowing the directions you can choose, which would you choose? Only one direction, make sure it’s the right one; the one that leads to God, through Faith in Jesus Christ.

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