“For your glory and your renown”

As a new youth minister I face the question “why aren’t we growing?” And I leave it to God and let Him handle that aspect of it, but how or why should we ask people to come and be a part of our church? I’d like to discuss why not but then answer it with why we invite people to Church.

First, inviting people to church is not about your church, if your main focus is growth it will never happen.
Focusing on numerical growth over spiritual growth was never what the gospel was intended to do. In Acts it says they taught and baptized and many were added to them daily. Not, they gained numbers so they began digging into God’s word. The focus is teaching them God’s word, praying for spiritual growth and leaving the results up to God. Church health is vital, and numbers increasing regularly is an exciting thing and one that should be rejoiced among your church body. But once again, if the intention is just for your congregation to grow larger the focus has been misplaced.

Second, inviting people to church is not about making you feel good.
Yes the fact that you played a small part in seeing someone come to church then possible to saving faith in Christ is a joy filled experience and one that should be so, but if your main initiative is for your self conscience your motives are messed up. That is when the prayer of David, for God to see our inward thoughts and to test our intentions should be prayed.

Third, inviting people to church is not about the person you ask.
(Let me be careful in what I say. This is how I feel about this subject, I believe it is biblical, but some may differ)
The people you invite to church probably run the spectrum of different lifestyles and backgrounds, therefore their spiritual state might be significantly different. They may need to meet Jesus, or quite possibly get connected with believers who are of the same mind and can keep them accountable and accept them into the body of believers within the church. Their heart conditions may vary but the fact is that them coming to church isn’t about them connecting to God. It’s not. The focus should never be Us centered, Church centered, or any other centered. It should always be CHRIST CENTERED!

Fourth, asking people to come to church is fully for God’s glory.
The benefits of inviting people to church are numerous, for the church, the person asking, and for the person being asked, but the most important aspect is that it is for God’s glory. Yes God already knows them but do they have a relationship with Him? Having visitors at church brings God glory because more people hear about Him! People asking others to come to church brings God glory through Obedience! more visitors in church means more possibility for hearts to be won by Jesus Christ. Am I saying this couldn’t happen outside if church? Absolutely not! God is gonna do what He wants, I’m just saying all three areas bring God glory.

But ultimately, asking and bringing friends to church is not about you, your church, or your friends, it’s all about Jesus and His glory!



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