Till death do us part

Recently marriage has been a topic at the forefront of my mind. I have always wanted to get married and have prayed that God would bring me a woman who loves Him more than she loves me. In this day and age finding a woman like that seems extremely hard, but when God is the one introducing us, it is oh so simple. God has shown me and affirmed to me the one who I’m going to marry so that isn’t a question anymore, it is now “how will I care for her everyday?” And I have thought of two ways to be my example.

First, just how scripture says, “as Christ loves the church.” And second, “till death do us part.”

“Till death do us part”
A saying in nearly, if not all weddings has not held it’s weight in recent decades. As divorce rates in the U.S. rise these words are replaced with societies alternative, “until something, hotter or newer shows interest in me.” Or maybe “till divorce do us part.” I see marriage in a biblical standpoint, one because I believe scripture is infallible and will never lead me astray and that if I hold to it’s teachings it will bring joy, but also that marriage is forever to bring two people together for eternity and that no man/law/justice system can separate. These words “till death do us part” have recently been evidenced in a couple that my parents are good friends with. As they became better friends we got to know their family better also. Their names are Tami and Allen Pollock, they have two sons Ethan and Tyler who are slightly younger than I am. Tami has been fighting illness after illness that stem from M.S. (I believe) and she has gradually become sicker and sicker and recently she has been given a feeding tube and she is just fighting. All along though, through all the battles Allen has stood by her side no matter how hard. They exemplify biblical “till death do us part”. When marriage is being tarnished they continue to love even through tough circumstances. Their vow before God continues to show today, and it shines to those who want to fight for their spouses that aren’t even married yet. Thanks for the great example of faithfulness!

Now, “As Christ loved the church”.
He gave His life for the church and that is what husbands are called to do for their wives, to die for them. (It also says in scripture that the mans body becomes his wives and vice versa) But to take everything that Jesus did for the church means to selflessly, humbly, lovingly, sacrificially approach your spouse. Now I do not yet know what that looks like in an everyday sense but I can not wait to see! I take the things of how Jesus loved and cared for His church and put them into practice in our dating relationship. To be faithful to, to make them better than they were before, to encourage, to teach/equip/correct, to baptize in truth, to forgive. Being Jesus to everyone should also be implored on your spouse.

Now the hard part. Do I do those things for Annie as Jesus did the church? If not how do I?

Now ask yourself this, maybe you aren’t married or dating anyone, but the principles and example of Christ’s love is beneficial and essential for any relationship. I pray you seek out God’s truths and show His love to others this week.


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