To be honest

I have always hated the “tbh” status’ on facebook yet here I am wasting valuable reader’s time with one. Well let me start off saying that knowing your blogs are being read and distributed among family is great, but for the few times I thought I could possibly voice frustrations, the thoughts say I should now use discretion. Well I’m not. I need to be open and ask for prayer and insight.

I won’t pretend to know all there is about youth ministry, or even ministry in general, but I had no idea it would be like this. I love it yet hate it at the same time and for the first time ever I am peeking behind the curtain of what goes on in the lives of ministers. The every day grind of spiritual warfare and feeling insignificant is a thought that echoes through my mind regularly these days. Am I doing it right (whatever that means) are the kids being connected? All these questions I never though about as I went through life until now. Now I’m on the other side and it’s a battle.

I’m at war with spiritual opposition. I also face the hurdle of a congregation and staff far older and wiser than I. It is a challenge to say the least and I often feel out of place. But in these battles I know two things and they are good enough to keep me going.
1) God has placed me here.
This truth is evidence enough that what I’m doing is not a mistake nor are these kids here at random, It’s just my job to be intentional about every interaction with them.
And, 2) God is with me, going before me fighting these battles. Knowing that He has won every battle and embodied humility, obedience, perseverance, and so many other great things I know that He is preparing the way for me and I must stay on it.

To be honest ministry is hard and sometimes draining, but the fact that God sent me where I am and fights these battles for me is more than enough for me.


3 thoughts on “To be honest

  1. Yes, youth ministry is hard. But you are doing more good than you realize. Years later, when these kids are adults, you will hear from some of them about how you changed their lives. Or you may hear from their parents or friends about the positive impact you had on them. And you’ll be surprised, because you were sure at the time that they weren’t even listening.

  2. hmmmm, all TBH……no I won’t even go there, however all I need to do is say, tomorrow morning when you are looking in the mirror. LOOK REALLY HARD into the eyes staring back at you! And think, then hear these words….”it’s for eyes, and hearts just like mine that people like myself, called by the Father, do what we do”. Because, TBH that’s why WE do! LOVE YOU! And, sounds like you just may need a little break away. A mental health day! 🙂

  3. let me try this a 2nd time TBH no, I won’t go there…..but I will say this. In the morning, when you look in the mirror, I want you to look very hard and very deep into those eyes. And think back and then say these words. “It’s because of eyes just like these eyes. And its because of hearts just like the heart that’s connected to these eyes that make us do what we do for the Father”. See it wasn’t so long ago, you were one of those faces, eyes and hearts we were thinking about :).

    And just as a sidenote; sounds like you may need a little break away from EVERYTHING!!! A “mental” health break. You can’t give it all away and not expect to not need to be refreshed.

    Love You! Just TBH!

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