CHRISTmas lights

This season is absolutely my favorite! Not only do I get out of school but I get to celebrate the birth of my savior, who stepped down from heaven to grace the face of the earth as a man, to one day save His people. I was recently putting up Christmas lights and something struck me. As I strung lights from branch to branch my thought was, “why not have color…why not go more extravagant?” my intentions were pure but they overshadowed the reason for this marvelous time of year. It got me thinking of the Christmas story of how the shepherds followed the star all the way to Bethlehem. It was a simple star that led them to the son of God asleep in a manger in a rickety barn. The setting so simple yet so profound. Here in the most simple place came the savior of the world. It was so very simple not extravagant at all.

I remembered how the star led them to Jesus but also how John describes Jesus as the light of the world. This season signifies His humble entrance into the story of mankind. No pyrotechnics, or even a fluffy bed to sleep in, just simple and subtle; It had to be that way. His life started in simplicity yet became the focal point of so many, so much so in fact that His notoriety caused others to hate Him- primarily those who were “religious”. He became the light of the world, quickly! His light shown to the whole world reaching the depths of human hearts. 

That’s what the season is about, not lights on a tree or presents under one. It’s about the humble entrance of a savior who laid down His crown to come and save a people so in need. So the lights on a tree, on rooftops, or driveways; they are not the decor of the Holidays, they are the sign of the light that entered the world so long ago in the manger of a barn. A light that shown so bright that everyone around Him could see it. So don’t worry about the elaborate decorations, just remember the real meaning of Christmas and show light (Jesus) this Christmas season; through your Christmas lights but more so in the way you live your life.  



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