Today is Thanksgiving, a day that is emphasized as a day to recognize all the blessings God has poured out on us. It is also a day recognized for over indulging in the finer foods such as turkey, dressing, green beans, and potatoes. As I carved up the turkey last night and prepped the ham I was extremely thankful to have the things I have to eat this Thanksgiving.

You see, in July as I was in Alaska I received a message from my mom that my dad had lost his job. As the group I was there with prayed for it I felt extremely blessed to be where I was when I was there during that hard situation and time. Well four months later and my dad has been working at his new job for almost three months now! Not only am I thankful for thanksgiving but I am thankful for my dad and his job, that he is willing to bust it for me and my family to be able to have these things.

Have a blessed thanksgiving everyone! Try to be thankful even outside of Thanksgiving day.

One thought on “Thanks

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