Finished puzzle

On numerous occasions in Isaiah and Ezekiel God calls the Israelites whores. His words are ever so fitting for our spiritually adulteress hearts but as all things in the Old Testament do, this whoring of our ancestors paints a picture not only of our similarities in idolatry but most importantly in Gods intention to restore us to new.

Peter says that God desires all of man kind to be His. He relishes them in a way that we will never imagine, but we can see it by the outpouring of His sons blood on the cross. And as intricately woven as can be, the old and new testaments weave so beautifully together. You see man kinds whoring, idolatry, and sin reach it’s apex but Jesus cries out a declaration, it is finished! There is nothing so horrid that He cannot help, nothing so dirty that He cannot clean, and as the last breath was inhaled His life finished the story of God’s redemptive plan for mankind.

As I remember things of the holidays one thing I am quite fond of. Each year around this time the grandkids would get invited to grandma and grandpa Spain’s and we’d bake cookies with grandma and we’d do a huge puzzle on their kitchen table, all with the intent to get it finished by thanksgiving. So we’d work and work and it would take multiple visits just to finish these amazing puzzles, and I remember the joy of the person that got to put in the last piece. Nothing could be added and nothing could be taken away; the puzzle was finished.

Jesus did that. With His perfect atoning sacrifice on the cross He completed the puzzle that was the redemption of mankind. From Genesis 1:1 to the end of Revelation there is nothing more important than knowing that it is finished. It was finished by a perfect and loving God, one who is longing for you to draw near to Him today. Maybe you’re wrestling with something, can I just say, give it to Jesus. In Him and through Him all things are made new.

If you’re missing something in your life and maybe you feel like it’s Jesus, or maybe you just need prayer, I ask that you email me at

I’d love to talk to you about this and pray for you.

God bless,



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