“…for Jesus”

Have you ever had someone tell you as you’re doing something extremely frustrating, like digging holes, demolishing a house or as I found out today designing flyers for print, “well…Just do it for Jesus” like that makes it okay? My mom was and still is the reigning queen of saying things like that. I remember doing algebra at the kitchen table and being so fed up with it I almost cussed at the book. She ever so politely chimed in, “well…just do it for Jesus”.

That at the time was the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear, I just wanted the algebra to go away, and her words did not help in the slightest.

I have always read the verses where Paul speaks of doing “whatever you do in word or deed do it as unto The Lord and not man” and taken it pretty lightly. Yes I understand that is the attitude and approach I should take, yet seldom that I do. That is totally and completely a representation of my worship to God. If I do not honor Him completely I am taking Him for granted.

I recently felt that way as I was digging holes for trees at the church. “I am a youth minister now don’t we have someone else for this?” was my mindset, yet all the while this verse kept running through my head…

Whatever you do in word or deed do it as unto The Lord and not for man.

My attitude was wrong and selfish. It was even in my eyes a lousy offering set before my God. BUT He still got glory out of it! His creation cries out praises for Him. The trees, dirt, birds, dogs barking, it all glorifies God! Then why wouldn’t my every breath be glorifying all the more, knowing that His sacrifice sets me free, that His blood paid my debt and forever labels me as blameless before a just and holy God? It should.

So when you hear the words seep from someones mouth, “well…just do it for Jesus” try to take a step back and remember all that He did for us. By shedding His blood He adopted us into a right relationship with God, We have an eternal inheritance at the right hand of God almighty, that forever we are labeled sons and daughters of God. I feel as though if we take a moment to remember this while we face adversity we would do more of our everyday activities as if we’re doing them for God Himself.

Taking out the trash… For Jesus
Cleaning the dogs poop…For Jesus
Scrubbing toilets…For Jesus
Mowing…For Jesus
Homework…For Jesus
Presentations…For Jesus

As unto The Lord and not for men.

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