Future Hope, Present Joy

They say to look forward to the future but to relish the present. That is true in many ways but one I’d like to look at in particular. Over the course of His life Jesus spoke in parables; these confusing stories that even His disciples didn’t understand at all times. He spoke in parables for many reasons but one resonates ever so true in this passage: They gave but a foretaste of what was to come yet still keeping it undercover.

You see in His parables He would sometimes explain just what He meant, but even in doing so there seemed to still be confusion. Thus was the case in Mark 4. (I would encourage you to read this passage as we go forward)

Jesus examines 4 scenarios in which seed is dispersed: on the path, on the rocks, in thorns, and in fertile soil. With each soil the seed experiences a different result. He compares the soil and then in His explanation He says exactly what each soil is and what it symbolizes. Jesus was Relevant. He could have used so many heavenly ways of speaking but He dropped down to their level and approached it with the agricultural lens in which they viewed their world in that day. He breaks down each soil and why they do or do not grow sufficiently.

The Path) It was scattered on the path then immediately snatched up
The Rock) It had shallow soil so it sprouted extremely fast but when adversity came the growth stopped.
The Thorns) The seed was choked out of all nutrients needed for growth. The thorns took what it needed.
Good Soil) Seed flourished when it finally hit it’s prepared soil. It excelled and grew immensely


All that and through it He intended it to be relevant in their lives yet they didn’t understand. They didn’t get how each soil represented their lives. How the seed scattered on the path is seeds of truth being snatched up by satan because they didn’t understand the word. How the seed on the rock had minimal depth and when adversity in life and tough choices arise their faith becomes non-existent. How the seed in the thorns was feeding sin and a lifestyle counterproductive of growth so their faith would be overcome by their sin. And how the fertile soil is what God desires, for in fertile soil we are the most productive and fruitful.

He followed with this, “For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.” (Mark 4:22 ESV)

They didn’t get it. Even after an explanation they didn’t get it.

One day we’ll get it, when FUTURE HOPE MEETS PRESENT JOY. The hope of being with Jesus in His house for all eternity. We can not even imagine even when it is explained to us. We will never grasp it until we are fully with Him and we see His manifest presence. BUT until that day His desire is for us to be fertile soil producing fruit 30,60, and 100fold

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