Failing forward

When Thomas Edison was confronted over the thousands of failed light bulb attempts he said he had not failed, rather he had found many ways in which not to make a light bulb.

These failures he saw as beneficial, he did not look at them as a burden or even a failure rather he saw it for what it was; a lesson. He had attempted to construct a lightbulb thousands of times with no avail, yet finally after years, something clicked.

The failed attempts and lessons of “how not to” were implemented and gave him valuable information leading to “the one that worked”.

I’m thankful for all those failed attempts because in the end was a great result; a lightbulb. During his time and diligent work I’m sure he did not see his failures as optimistically as he did after he had success.

That is much like our struggle with life, we have failures and struggles and it doesn’t seem that our lightbulb will ever work. When Edison encountered failure after failure it would have been easy just to give up, but he didn’t. He persevered and accomplished.

We must persevere through our personal failures knowing that if we continue to learn lessons on “how not to do something”, sooner or later we will have our “lightbulb”.

Do not settle for failure, learn from it. Persevere through life’s obstacles, with each “how not to” it makes the “how to” become easier to spot.

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