As life goes on and my age climbs, I begin to realize this overwhelming reality; I don’t need the world. I don’t need it’s false promises nor it’s snares.

One of the greatest strengths of being a christian is that we are different that is seen not only in our words but more importantly in our actions. When we compromise in one thing we compromise in them all.

Being like the world, wanting what it offers and compromising for it’s false payoff turns us into the useless salt Jesus speaks of in the gospel of Matthew. For when we give up our unique God given attribute of being different we become bland, we lose our saltiness and are deemed useless.

I don’t want to be that! I will fight that very thing till the day I die even though I know that my flesh desires the things of this world: recognition, friends, popularity, wealth, happiness. The list could go on and on but when we compromise our God given, blood earned difference we compromise it all.

You can’t have bits and pieces of Jesus and the world, that’s not how it works. We are called to be set apart totally unlike everything of this world. So why would we compromise our truth? Ourselves? Our souls?

The best I can explain it is that our flesh is powerful, and our spirit is weak. We desire the fleshly impulses and gains of this world because we lose sight on the glory that is found in Jesus Christ. When we see His glory and His holiness as the woman who latched onto the foot of His robe then we will leave all else behind and strive only for His glory. The things of earth will be seen as Paul saw them, as rubbish, and we will truly be different.

We must fight! Do not give up, the battle is too important.


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