Adhere and Abstain

For one to be fully obedient requires him/her to adhere to both sides of the law.

We are no longer held under the constraints and requirements of the law but we have been commanded to love the Lord above all else; to have none other higher in importance.

Not only does God want to be first, but He wants there to be nothing else.

It is as though you’ve been asked not to drive over 80mph, so the opposite is true that you have been asked to go every speed under 80mph. You are told “what not to do” but you’re also told “what to do“.

Many christians I know, including myself, see the need to make not doing something the only thing they strive for when on the flip side is what God has already asked them to do. Overlooking one half and not looking at the other is equally as bad. Delighting in who God is, while not indulging in sin. Being with Him every moment in prayer, while not giving in to temptation. Not drinking a drop of alcohol, but drinking in His word.

There are two requirements, each holding equal weight. Not only pursuing God, but also abstaining from the world. Not only abstaining from the world, but also pursuing God. Not one or the other, but both. Pursue God just as passionately as you flee from evil.


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