Switching Feet

I recently had a song pop into my head by the popular mainstream band Switchfoot called “Yet”. It is a song that I listened to years ago as the album “Hello Hurricane” had just released. I’d love for you to listen from the 2:45-3:23 point.

If you’re able to do that or are familiar with the song you would know that in that section of the song the lead singer, Jon Foreman, sings, “If it doesn’t break…If it doesn’t break… If it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love”.

It initially popped into my head as I packed up all my belongings (all my memories) from FBC Moore. It was an emotional day but I feel that God wanted it that way. If my feelings were any different I would have left without falling in love with the kids and the church. But that wasn’t the case. I left in tears and broken hearted. It wasn’t the song but I knew it was love, it was a good “heartbreak”

I could write for pages on that topic but I feel as though it is minute to the impact this revelation had on me today:

“if it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love

The words resonate in my head as I sit on campus at Starbucks. I overhear a conversation that is just repulsive. The people involved either don’t know the love of God or are blatantly neglecting it. It hurts to hear the lostness in their attitudes.

That led me to this. A rather blatant prod by the Holy Spirit: “How broken is your heart over the lost?” My silence seemed deafening as the arrow shot by Him hit it’s desired destination; straight through my heart. I have spent so much time pursuing my relationship with Christ that my pursuit to share that with others was left in the background.

Do you love the lost?
Does your heart break for them?
When was the last time you couldn’t get up off the ground due to the brokenness over those destined to Hell?

I’ll leave you with this. I feel as though the Holy Spirit wanted me to get this out of that simple song.
“if it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love

If your heart does not break for those going to Hell it isn’t love. Until we see the situation as urgent it won’t be.

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