Sooner or later?

I am just a simple man, one with a plan and vision for my life yet things take me off guard. I always think I have it all figured out yet I am continually amazed at just how far off base my intuition really is. That fact has never been more true than it has been as of late. I thought I had my life planned out and coordinated rather sufficiently, yet it clearly was not intended that way.

Here is how I thought it looked:
1)Work at FBC Moore as an intern until May 2013
2)Graduate UCO in December of 2013
3)Marry my sweetheart TBD
4)Go to SBTS in Spring of 2014
5)Get a youth pastor Job upon graduating.

It was a simple yet inspired plan, I thought.

To me it was me reaching for my highest potential in the order and capacity I thought possible for myself. I seemed to have left someone out of the equation. God. He is the one who places my footsteps, I just purposed in my heart where I would go.

Well my path has been “upped” in every sense. Point 5 has happened far SOONER than expected.

I am now the Minister to Students at Sooner Baptist Church in Midwest City Oklahoma! Seems like just yesterday God called me to ministry and yet I was wavering on the assurance of that call. Had God messed up, had I misinterpreted? Well that answer is quite clear! Not only that but I have continued to let God drive the bus on my ministry. I have never asked for a job, nor sent a resume. God has provided “far more than I could think or do” on my own.

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