Grace greater than Sin

Over the years of being a “church brat” I have sat through many o’ sermon hearing story after story of how people who have died without Christ spend their eternity in hell. Though that is true, I don’t feel as though we, as Christians, should use the “SCARE the hell” out of people tactic. Along with it being only half of the story I feel like it is not the good news gospel which Jesus brought with His coming.

Now I don’t want you to think I am here to preach a new peaches and cream kind of gospel because that is not the case. Jesus clearly says that those without declaring Him their Lord and Savior will be cast out to a place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (aka Hell). So the truth is that there is punishment and judgement for those who do not know Him, but I feel like our focus should not be on our own doing, by rejecting the Gospel of God we are the focal point, but when we accept the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ He becomes the focal point!

In 2 Samuel 11-12 you see the desire in David’s heart to sin against God by sleeping with Bathsheba. When Nathan called him out on it he said that he disobeyed the word of the lord by doing what he did. Not only did he sleep with her but he ended up getting her pregnant, then had her husband killed in battle. He continued down a road of sin and tried to cover it up with more sin. Notably it was one of the worst things a king could do much less the king who was a man after God’s own heart. In this day in age our church culture would admonish him the excommunicate him from all activities. It would be considered by most to be a crime worthy of hell. But not for God.

This story is as good as any to show off just how gracious our God is. There is no limit to the severity of sin He is willing to forgive. He is earnestly anticipating the moment when we, like David, fall on our faces before Him in a sincere brokenness and ask Him to heal, renew, and create us into something new. Not only did He forgive David, but He blessed him as well. He blessed he and Bathsheba with a son, Solomon, and blessed his army in victory of their battle.

When there is sin in the way of our relationship with God it hinders us from the full potential that God has planned in our lives. He is waiting for us to confess and repent of the sin in our lives. He waits to pour out blessings to those who are earnestly coming to the cross for purification. God’s grace far outweighed David’s sin; likewise, God’s grace far outweighs our sin. Past sin and future sin.



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