God’s wrath for God’s purpose

Have you ever heard the question, “why do bad things happen to good people”? Well I know I have and as I read through scripture this morning, a line that has repeated for three books (Isaiah, Jeremiah and now Ezekiel) changed from me skimming them to a deeper understanding. These words that follow have so much weight to them yet I had written them off, unintentionally, for some time.

Over the course of these 3 books you see mass chaos and wrath being poured out onto numerous nations and people. For their sin there had to be punishment, right? Often we equate our circumstances as punishment for unrepented sin. Yet it’s not always, if ever, the case. God doesn’t just punish to punish. He doesn’t pour out His wrath to show His mighty hand. It always has a deeper purpose.

In 2 Peter, Peter writes that God, “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”(3:9)

God does not will for man to perish, but the exact opposite. He came to bring life, freedom, joy, and harmony. He doesn’t come to wield the sword nor conquer people and nation. His wrath is being used for His purpose.

In the 3 books I mentioned above, you see that God does bring wrath, destruction on those who have sinned and consciously live in sin, BUT it is so that they will know that I am the Lord. (Ezekiel 25:5)

It is a discipline with a purpose, a prodding of passion. He desires all to know Him. I believe that is seen in these two passages.

Do you know Him? Do you know that He is the God who breathed life into existence, then saw fit to later send His only son to pay for what was ours? If you don’t know that for certain I encourage you to comment on this so we could talk and get it figured out.

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