Forever opening my doors

I’m struggling to come up with a title for this post but I seem to be struggling. I’ll continue without one.

This summer, as it comes to an end, has been the greatest I have been a part of. From being SENT to Ukraine, Alaska, and Chicago I have realized that my world, my perspective of what existence looks like is ever so small. I remember hopping on a plane in June to fly for 13 hours to Ukraine (which is 5,000 miles away) while being in charge of 5 youth; that showed me just how big the world, that I don’t know, is. Then to drive up 12 hours to the Chicago suburb of Maywood to work with inner city kids who seemed just like me, but on the inside, in the everyday life I’m nothing like them. Their struggles as 8,9,10 year olds in a gun and drug ravished community will be something I never will deal with. It breaks your heart. Then, to get to go across the US to the town of Kotzebue, Alaska to work with native inupiaq eskimos. A state and a generation which is being destroyed by suicide. The statistics are so far greater than anywhere on the face of the earth that it causes one to be so upset at Satan. He is actively deceiving those 20-29 in numbers far greater than comprehension and something has to be done. It’s an epidemic. With only one cure: THE LOVE AND LIGHT OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

The opportunities were endless, the doors to these missions flew wide open, the flood gates of heaven truly opened up.

So as this “season” of life shifts, will the doors be shut? Maybe to the locations that I was allowed and sent to, but not to new ones. Not to greater ones that God has begun to open for me, which He opened up before the foundations of the earth were in place. He was divinely working on the schematics of how existence was to play out. This summer was no surprise to Him nor will this upcoming semester. The only one being surprised is me. And if this “ride” of life ends ever so quickly or if He planned for me to grow old and ever delight in His presence I will rejoice all the more!

To recap all summer would take weeks, months even, but I can summarize it by saying this: “I was presented an open door, one I did not anticipate but one I stepped through by His leading. As that door shuts for the present time I remain walking through the hallway laid out by my father. Doors on every side, as they open, just as they did this summer, I pray I walk through.”

Has God presented you with an open door? One He is just anticipating when you’ll walk through, it is better to jump than to hesitate. When God makes it clear don’t just walk through but run through.

2 Timothy 1:6-7

Therefore I urge you to keep ablaze the gift that is in you, by the laying on of my hands, for God did not give us the spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgement

Alaska team on Mt. Freedom


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