Parting is such sweet sorrow

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”

I remember hearing these words in a movie as a child, each one placed ever so perfectly. The words sweet and sorrow never quite clicked for me but the contrast resounds.

As final goodbyes are shared with passed memories reminisced, the only explanation for my emotion is this: it’s such sweet sorrow.

Even in the state you were in-with all the strokes and battles, the dementia and early mornings on the back patio in December-I wish you could still grace this earth on which you were planted. You left your mark for God’s great kingdom, with the lives you touched and love that you showed. Your impact will not be forgotten because your focus was not here, but fixed upon heaven. And those things do not fade.

You entered the gates no doubt with a smile! For eternity your eyes will gaze upon the Son of Man. Your sorrows and pains instantly were forgotten, forever in the arms of God’s only begotten.

Though you may be gone only just for awhile one day we’ll meet again, that’s why it’s SWEET SORROW.

You have moved on, but God’s Grace will forever overwhelm.

(Great Grandma) Grace Ervin
March 10, 1922 – August 4, 2012


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