The Pointe

This post will have very many different themes with the underlying theme and “Pointe” being Jesus. I’m not good at unfolding facts in an eloquent way- if you’ve read my posts before surely you know that by now- for those of you that don’t, you probably aren’t missing out on much, but I do hope that these words come across, not as the folly of man, but as divinely inspired by the one who divinely orchestrates with His two hand the cogs and gears of this vast universe.

As days have turned to weeks and weeks to months I can’t help but look back on 8 months of being the student ministry intern at FBC Moore. I never could have planned or imagined it happening like this but God has opened many doors through this one: Alaska, Ukraine, Chicago, Louisiana, etc. those were AMAZING places where GOD took me-no one else. (Stories of each are still to come)

But, in the midst of all of that doing God spoke to me in a way that really freaked me out. I have felt God say things, ask things, confirm things, but never anything quite this BIG. Something so big in fact that my resources will not allow it to be completed; there is no way I can do it, no way! That’s where God steps in. He desires to be the provider. He gave me a vision now I’m relying on His provision. Without Him this dream will surely fade to nothing. I cannot do it on my own.

It’s like a modern day miracle that I haven’t experienced but I’ve seen it played out. Now I’ve been called to step out in faith and believe He will provide.

So in being at Moore, “the pointe” is Jesus. He brought me there, He alone will take me from there. The trips I went on; “the pointe” was Jesus, not to see the beautiful landscapes but to glorify Jesus. Worship Jesus. Develop disciples for Jesus. “the pointe” is Jesus!

“The Pointe” is always Jesus.

“The Pointe” is what God showed me in the beginning of July. It’s purpose: Glorify Jesus, build up a community of people who want Jesus. “The Pointe” the best I understand it is a small community driven church in my neighborhood in Edmond, Ok. I don’t know how or where after that. I’m still praying and asking for ideas. I know that if it’s God’s vision given to me, He will not stop at vision but He will aslo supply provision.

Please pray as this is further revealed to me and that I wouldn’t misinterpret this vision.

Thank you and God bless,

Sean W. Corser

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